To commemorate World Down Syndrome Day, on March 21st the Down Syndrome Research Foundation UK and Don't Screen Us Out are proudly presenting over fifty last-chance screenings of the "poignant and beautifully acted" My Feral Heart, which features, as the BBC's Mark Kermode described him, the "absolutely terrific" Steven Brandon, who has Down Syndrome, in the lead role.

The film explores many of the contemporary issues faced by people with Down Syndrome, and concludes on a note that rightly insists it's the task of the audience to decide whether these issues worsen or alleviate in the future, making the BIFA-nominated drama the perfect filmic accompaniment to World Down Syndrome Day, which was founded to advocte for the awareness, rights, inclusion, and wellbeing of people with the syndrome. 

£1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Down Syndrome Research Foundation UK in support of Don't Screen Us Out. If you'd like to donate more, visit here to find out how.

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My Feral Heart (2016)

Director: Jane Gull

Create a successful screening of My Feral Heart to win a poster signed by director Jane Gull and actor Steven Brandon!

A sudden bereavement throws Luke, a fiercely independent young man with DownÌ_s syndrome, into a daunting new environment where he finds unexpected support from his fe... More details

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