This is an excellent well researched shockumentary, based on true-life stories of home-owners being maliciously targeted and cheated by unqualified bankers, which has been resulting in traumatic and illegal evictions, up and down the country.
Fraudulent conveyancing and the use of void and invalidly executed deeds, is rife.
Forewarned is forearmed - this film will expose the tricks being used by fraudsters who may be trying in your area to illegally acquire your home where crooked solicitors creating false entries on a property’s Register have flaunted weaknesses and negligence of Land Registry, who are compelled to keep a clean Register but fail to do so, for example.
It is a tremendous eye-opener with practical advice including prevention tactics to enable you to protect your property rights. It exposes systemic fraud and it’s quite ironic that the ex-CEO of Land Registry, Graham Farrant, is now the Chief Executive of Bournemouth Town Hall!

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