As part of some of the new ways we’re looking to expand HCTO, we’re looking at hosting monthly film screenings using the fantastic ourscreen service which has a wide range of films we can choose from. For the first choice we asked you guys if you wanted to see The Thing (1982) or Drive and you all voted for The Thing!

We will be screening the classic John Carpenter body horror movie at Birmingham Broadway Plaza Odeon on the July 27th at 8:30pm. Anyone who’s been to this cinema will know this is the perfect place to watch this sci-fi horror classic on the big screen. There’s even recliner seats!

This screening will only go ahead if 35 tickets are sold by July 21st. Tickets are only £10.50 and if this is a success I will make sure this becomes a monthly events for us Horror, cult and trash films to gather together and watch our favourite films on the big screen!

The money for the tickets won’t be taken out until the screening is confirmed on July 21st, if it doesn’t go ahead you won’t be charged.