Come to the second ever U.K. screening of the new cult punk comedy film "Scumbag" on Saturday, Oct.13th at 1pm sharp--must pre-order ticket by Oct.7th.
“Scumbag” is the F-you movie of the year that, according to Hollywood Film Festival CEO Brad Parks “shatters all film conventions with a sledgehammer!” International Film Festival Rotterdam calls it a “take it or leave it, slap in the face comedy.” Film Threat calls it “The Office unhinged, mixed with Mulholland Drive, mixed with Spinal Tap, plus some inexplicable surveillance footage.”

“Scumbag” had its World Premiere at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam last year, alongside Oscar- winning Best Picture “Moonlight”. It then had its North American Premiere at Queen’s World Film Festival (NYC), where it won Best Ensemble Narrative Feature, and was nominated for Best Director Narrative Feature. It later was the closing film for Too Drunk To Watch - Punkfilmfest Berlin, then won Best Feature Comedy at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and was nominated for Best Actor as well as Best Film, had two sold-out screenings at Toronto’s Censured in Canada, and played the 23rd Lund International Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden. It was also officially selected by the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, as well as the Chinese American Film Festival where it was nominated for The Golden Angel Award. Plus, it won Exceptional Emerging Artist at Hollywood Film Festival’s 2017 Official Jury Class Honors held at Paramount Studios where it was also nominated for Best Narrative Feature Film. This year, Scumbag played to sold out shows at Winter Film Awards International Film Festival and L.A Punk Film Festival (LA Weekly’s Pick of the Week!), as well as a recent monthly showcase for The Comedy World Network International Film Festival held in Vegas. It had its African Premiere at Cameroon International Film Festival in April as the only film from U.S.A. and shortly after secured a U.K. Theatrical deal with OurScreen, available to 110 U.K. cinemas. The well-received U.K. Premiere on May 18th was covered by The Daily Star U.K. in their Royal Wedding souvenir edition. It has also just been officially selected by Planet 9 Film Festival.

The movie has been written about in over 60 publications, gaining somewhat of a cult status by randomly appearing on Top 10 lists of greatest club movies of all time, as well as best picture of 2017. It’s the first feature narrative by Canadian-American director Mars Roberge, born in Toronto, based in Los Angeles. The story takes place circa 1990s. A young wannabe dj, Phil, takes on a day job at a telemarketing company, working with crazy people, ex-prisoners, drug addicts and murderers. The time on his life begins to tick as he battles addiction, fights the law and tries to maintain the only sane thing left in his life, his girlfriend, Christine. Roberge describes his film as a Rocktopia, a film genre he created and describes as "an individual's struggle against the ideals of a Utopian society, where the only freedom of escape is to rock out." It also stars every notable punk legend since the 70s as part of the 220+ casting roster.

* Roberge describes his work as a dark comedy, “sort of like The Wolf of Wall Street meets Kids, starring every punk
legend since the 70s.” “I realize almost 25 years later that I purposely put myself in a bunch of insane situations where I almost lost my own sanity, so that one day I'd be able to make a movie about it. Here I am now, writing this from my desk in Hollywood”, states Roberge.
* Brazentine called Roberge “the new voice of Generation X”. The Polysh says “It was the craziest and most experimental film at Rotterdam” and “you will never forget this film even if you might hate the director for making you walk on mine bombs that go against public opinions or morals.” “Grows on you like cancer” - Nick Zedd
* World of Wonder calls it a “MUST SEE CULT FILM!”

Previous Accolades
Roberge’s other film “The Little House That Could” had its World Premiere at the 2013 Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, later winning Best Documentary at the 2016 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and the Audience Choice Award for Best 2015 Film at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles. It was also nominated for Best LGBT Feature Documentary at the 2014 Queens World Film Festival, and Best Feature Documentary at NewFilmmakers, screening 24 times around the world at 14 different film festivals, including being part of Keith Haring’s Tokyo art exhibit.