From the team that brought you Pitchblack Playback's album listening sessions in the dark comes Pitchblack Pictures, a new series showcasing the best music documentaries, concert films and biopics. People talk about the films you need to see on the big screen because of their stunning visuals. Pitchblack Pictures will host the films you need to HEAR and FEEL on the big screen.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seed's 'Push The Sky Away' has been a firm favourite at Pitchblack Playback, so we thought it was only right to kick off Pitchblack Pictures celebrating the legend and his amazing band. This 2016 documentary charts the recording of their follow-up, 'Skeleton Tree', taking you behind the scenes of the final recordings sessions of the record and including 35 minutes of the band performing at Air Studios in London. With commentary and narration from Cave throughout and interviews with the man himself, band member, Warren Ellis, and his wife, Susie Bick, it's an essential view for Cave fans new or old.