Thief is a seminal neo-noir crime film which launched the spectacular directorial career of Michael Mann. James Caan plays Frank, a professional thief from Chicago. After pulling off a heist that brings him into direct contact with the Mafia, Frank agrees to do a high-risk robbery for them. Caught between his desire to go straight and the demands of the gangsters he is working for, Frank soon finds himself in an impossible situation from which the only escape will be violent.

This showing will be preceded by an introductory talk by Dr Steven Powell about the making of the film. Thief features extraordinary performances by Caan, as well as Tuesday Weld, Willie Nelson and James Belushi in support. Michael Mann's trademark neon visual style and a terrific score by Tangerine Dream add to its stellar reputation. Thief is one of the greatest crime films of the 1980s.

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