Cult 90s action classic THE LAST BOY SCOUT screening from a rarely shown 35mm print.

Washed-up private eye Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) hooks up with down-and-out ex-quarterback Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) to try to find out who murdered the football player's stripper girlfriend (Halle Berry). The trail leads into a violent world of political corruption and high-stakes gambling as bullets fly and the body count gets higher. Late director Tony Scott was a pioneer of turbo-charged mayhem while Shane Black's script has tons of wisecracks.

One of the great cult action films of all time, The Last Boy Scout was not a huge hit on release. Despite the amount of talent involved on-set tensions and studio interference made for a difficult production. Immediately recognised by fans of Scott’s trademark directorial style as a cult classic, The Last Boy Scout grew in stature on VHS and this rare showing from an original 35mm print is a must-see on the big screen!

Certificate 18

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