"Roads? Where we are going, we don't need roads!"

Few films come close to being so fondly remembered and still feel as fresh today as they did thirty years ago as Back To The Future. 21st of October 2015 is the date that Marty and Doc travel to the future - so its time to take stock of all the things we now have in the future!

No shot is wasted, no line of dialogue superfluous, no character extraneous and there so many great sight gags and references to pick up on that you could practically compile an almanac...

Hope you can join us for this special screening in the lovely Cambridge Arts PictureHouse, accompanied by a live band and sensory treats to celebrate "the future". This is a truly #peoplepoweredcinema event - so if you want to get involved in making it better, please get in touch via windmillhauz@gmail.com

*Update 21/08*: We are thrilled to announce that we will also be showing Back To The Future inspired short film Stop/Eject, directed by Neil Oseman. Stop/Eject premièred at Raindance Film Festival in 2014, one of UK's most prestigious events. Forest City Short Film Review has this to say about it -
"It's a beautiful short film that deals with very real and raw emotions, and does so in a classy and inventive way." Check out more on stopejectmovie.com

Hopefully it will leave you thinking "There's something very familiar about all this."

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