We Love Paleo is a feature documentary about the paleo lifestyle.

Watch the trailer at www.welovepaleo.com/premiere

Discover the paleo movement through the eyes of various characters from the UK—The Naked Ape, Darryl Edwards aka The Fitness Explorer and Dr. John Briffa, the US, Australia and Germany who have all gone from feeling miserable to thriving ever since adopting this way of life.

Whether you are looking for solutions that will directly improve your health or have already done so and are now eager to find means to help others around you… we believe this film will support your efforts!

“Really well done! I can see this film making waves and changing a lot of lives…”
Kimberly Dilts, Producer Ange's Perch

“It is not only great filmmaking – but the content also made me rethink my eating.”
Jason Brubaker, Film Producer, Los Angeles

This is a crowd-funded indie production with no PR nor advertising budget. Thus we rely solely on word of mouth through the paleo community to get the word out and get a total of 59 tickets reserved by August 23 to be able to show the film on the 31st!

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