Screening Ideas

ourscreen offers a veritable Jumanji of possibilities, and much like the Jumanji board it can be hard to navigate. Unlike the Jumanji board, though, every single possibility is awesome and, at the time of writing, there have been no swarms of bats, wasp/monkey attacks, or economically devestating factory closures at any of our hundreds of screenings. 

Below are just some of the things people have successfully used ourscreen for:

Charity Screenings

That's right, ourscreen can be used for good. Countless charities have organised screenings of films relevant to their causes to raise money and awareness about the good work they do. At their screenings they've had collection buckets, sold items, and distributed their reading materials, and we can even add charitable donations to the price of the tickets - just let us know if you want to do that.

You don't have to work for a charity to create a screening in aid of one either, you just have to, presumably, be a nice enough person to do it.

Office Parties

With ourscreen, an office Christmas party doesn't have to mean clumsily conducted, drunken conversations at water coolers, plates of mealy turkey slices from an off-license, and a looping Wham! song. A Christmas party, with our help, can be more; it can be enjoyable. It can be Bruce Willis, your local cinema, and finely mulled wine. Get in touch to find out more. 

Product Launches

Everyone loves products, that's why they make things like the Thor Dumbbell/Alarm ClockThe Hunger Games cookbook, and Star Trek coffins. Now, through the power of ourscreen, you can simultaneously celebrate our capitalist society and the product you've made with a product launch screening.

Bands have hosted screenings of their favourite music films to celebrate the release of their EPs (at which they've also played accoustic sets), film distributors have hosted screenings for the release of DVDs, and magazines have hosted screenings to tie in with the release of new issues. If you'd like to do something similar get in touch to find out how you can customise the screening to really reflect and involve your product. 

Super Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Sack off the trite flowers, chocolate, and spa days. Buy your loved one a private cinema screening for two guests and watch your favourite film together alone in the suffocating, cloying glory of your romance.

Recommended titles: AmelieBreakfast at Tiffany'sDirty DancingLove ActuallyLove Is Strange
Unrecommended: 12 Years A SlaveGascoigneThe Human Centipede 3Two Years At Sea

Birthday Parties

It's your birthday. That means you can do whatever the hell you want, short of murder or a naked rampage through the suburbs, and if you want to watch your favourite film in the cinema on your birthday, you can do that. Remember that ourscreen screenings are highly customisable, way beyond the film you show, so get in touch with us if you've got any ideas for how to make your screening a little more special. Previous birthday hosts have arranged for food to be served, their favourite music to play after the screening, and much more.

Film Clubs

What on Earth could be better than one screening? Multiple screenings. You can use ourscreen, like many others have, to start a regular film club for your friends and prove, just as Keanu Reeves' career has, that great things truly do stand the test of time. You could arrange screenings of any films, or you could theme the club and, for example, host a monthly showing of a Horror or LGBT film, or better yet, a daily showing of The Princess Bride, which could really go a long way towards helping your local community grapple with and understand the nuances of the piece. 

Anniversary Screenings

Who, apart from you, is going to remember to wish a happy thirtieth birthday to Aliens, Blue Velvet, Labyrinth, and Litte Shop of Horrors this year? You've had enough of waiting for your local politician to get their act together and set up your town's requisite screening of Taxi Driver in celebration of it's fortieth birthday, you need to do it yourself.  

Get Involved In A New Release

Someone, somewhere, is paying huge amounts of money to renew people's interest in a specific director or actor to encourage film fans to book tickets to see their new film. You can exploit this renewed interest and PR, for free, by creating a screening of a film by that director, or featuring that actor. Join the reignited conversation around Tarantino in the wake of The Hateful Eight, by creating a screening of Pulp FictionHail, Caesar! ? Forget Caesar, hail The Big Lebowski. Gaspar Noé's Love? Love Enter The Void.