Promoting Your Screening

ourscreen gives you the opportunity to watch the films you love at your local cinema, surrounded by like-minded film fans and cinema lovers.

We want every screening to go ahead, and hate seeing our hard-working hosts disappointed when their screening doesn’t happen.

To give every screening  the best possible chance, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to promote your screening, getting it off the ground and past that all important ticket number.

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1) Make your screening look as appealing as possible

Think of your screening as a dinner party – everything should look inviting, even if you can’t cook.

As the host, give yourself a profile picture. It makes your screening more personal. And make sure your screening image is enticing. Pick your favourite scene from the film if you can find it. Designer or Photoshop-wizz? Use the screening image to communicate some key details about your event – date, time, ticket price, for example.

In the screening description, tell people why you've created the screening and why they should book tickets to it. Know the film off by heart? Use some of your favourite quotes. Award winner? Remind us when. And remember to include details of any extra elements to your screening, such as a Q&A or introduction.

You can see a great example of a screening page here.

2) Create a Facebook Event

A Facebook event may be the easiest way to reach people who might be interested in your screening.

Anyone with a Facebook account can create an event. Start by uploading a great cover photo for your screening, or you can even try the original trailer. Make sure it’s recognisable.

Keep your title short and snappy, but make sure you include the name of the film!

Enter the date and time of your screening. Our screenings are capped at two and half hours, unless the film is longer. And be sure to tag the specific cinema as the Location and not just the city or town.

Think of the description like a condensed version of your screening page. Include the key details of the even – the film, cinema, date and time – and encourage people to join you.

Show people that you love and really know the movie. Enter the link to your screening as the Ticket URL, so people land straight there when they click.

Lastly, if you make the event from a Facebook page, tag us as a Co-host. Search ‘ourscreen’ and we should pop up. We’ll then be able to share your event, and it’ll appear amongst our own Facebook Events.

3) Promote the screening across social media

Outside of a Facebook event, social media will help you reach as many people as possible, and also help notify friends and family.

Share your screening on Twitter and tag us using @ourscreenuk. Once we know it’s you, we can do our bit in helping where we can.

Always include a captivating still or poster and tag people in the image. This saves you characters in your tweet but still notifies other users. Think about tagging actors, directors, distributors, film clubs or the local paper. One retweet can really help an event, but only if they know it’s happening!

Use Instagram to remind people what they’ll be missing out on. Memorable stills and clips from the film always go down well. Tag us @ourscreen and we’ll give you your first like. You can even add your screening link as the URL on your profile.

Regular social media updates that emphasise the necessity of advanced booking are extraordinarily helpful. ourscreen will be new to most, and few people are in the habit of booking cinema tickets weeks ahead so this message can be crucial.

Remind people where they can buy tickets and the date by which they must be bought. If anyone has any questions that you’re not sure about, check our FAQs or contact us.

4) Spam your friends and family

When you’re creating a screening, it’s natural to have people in mind that you think will come along. “Omg, Annie will LOVE this”, we hear you cry.

Once you've booked your own ticket to the screening, contact your friends and give your screening a real jump-start. It always helps to have a few tickets sell straight away to get it off the ground, and should anyone stumble across your screening, they’ll be encouraged to see that other people are already attending.

Friends, family, estranged cousins, colleagues you resent – tell them about your screening and encourage them all to book a ticket. Send an email round the office. Set up a WhatsApp group. Your screening link will take anyone straight to where they need to be.

5) Contact local organisations, charities and potential partners

A great way to boost interest in your screening is to invite local partners along to it, either as guests or contributors.

Many of our screenings about particular social issues have received support and promotion from relevant charities and partners, such as local support groups or associations. Simply let them know what’s going on, or even invite them to join you after the film for a discussion.

Is there a classic film podcast that just happens to record in your area? Or a culture title you think would love the film? Drop them a line. It's definitely worth letting them know what you've got planned!

If you have any questions about how else you can bolster your screening, or even turn it into a regular thing, you can tweet us, message us on Facebook, or contact us here.