Welcome to Virtual Cinema by ourscreen. 

Virtual Cinema is the new home for LIVE cinema. Our film screenings have a specified date and time, just like the cinema.

The film starts at the same time for everyone and we all watch together. Once started the film will run to the end.

If you leave and come back the film will have continued.

There’s a Live Chat space on the side of the screen which you can turn on or off before and during the film. We’d love you to join in and share in the experience with everyone else watching.  

You can go to full screen if you want to watch uninterrupted at any time. 

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Cinema experience by watching and chatting in real time. 

Please do remember to guard your privacy and abide by our community guidelines.

If you have any problems with playback, you can contact us via Live Chat or on Twitter @ourscreenuk.