Welcome to People Powered Cinema

We are a UK based team of film fans and we want to help you watch more films in the cinema. 

You can now do that by attending screenings others have created, or by creating and sharing your own screenings.

So if you missed the latest blockbuster, only love the classics, need to organise a party or have just made your first feature, this is the place for you. 

Pick your film. Choose your cinema. Select your date and time. Invite your friends. If enough people book tickets, your screening happens. 

Don't worry, money is only taken once the screening is confirmed. 

If you select the public option we will also promote your screening. So you don't need to fill the cinema alone, just get things going and it's amazing what can happen.

It is early days for us but we are adding new cinemas and new films all the time. If you cant find what you are looking for, or just fancy a chat, please get in touch. 

For now, here is a little more on how this all works. 


Selecting your date and time. 

Yep. You can decide when the film you want to see plays in your cinema!

Pretty cool huh!? This is how it works.

Different cinemas will have different time slots and dates available.

Choose a date to see all available time slots - if there aren't any available on your chosen date, that means that the cinema is already hosting confirmed screenings or is fully booked.

Our calendar will point you towards available day. 


Who can come to your screening?

There are two types of screening - private, and public.

If you create a private screening you'll need to tell us roughly how many people you want to come. That's how we calculate the price. 

Once that many tickets are sold your screening will be confirmed.

Only you can invite people to a private screening, so you'll need to make sure everyone pays up.

This is a great option if you have always wanted the cinema to yourself, or if you are organising a party. 

Public screenings are open to anyone, and people will be able to buy tickets through ourscreen.com or at the cinema.

The screening is confirmed once a certain number of tickets are sold.

We promote these screenings on ourscreen.com and the cinemas help us too.

We need to reserve payment but money is only taken if and when the screening is confirmed.


Can’t quite picture it?

Check this out: How To Video