Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 77 mins


Director: Debbie Howard

Is it better to have loved and lost?

7,000 babies are stillborn every single day, yet talking about it remains a taboo. We follow 7 families over 3 years as they rebuild their lives after the loss of their babies. Still Loved Gives an unexpected voice to bereaved fathers, who speak candidly for the first time providing an additional perspective to that offered by mothers, grandparents and siblings. This is a brave and powerful film for anyone that has ever, or will ever, lose someone they love.

The Guardian 4 stars 'Remarkable candour'

Vulture Hound Magazine 5/5 'Vital ViewingÌ_

The Observer 'Brutal candour....bittersweet joyÌ_

The Mirror 'A brave, inclusive & important film for all'

The Lancet 'Devastatingly accurate. Pulls no punches.'

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