Battle of Soho

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 101 mins

Starring: Johnny Deluxe, Stephen Fry, Peter Tacthell, Jenny Runacre, Philip Sallon, Pandemonia

Director: Aro Korol

Inspired by the closure of Madame Jojo’s, Battle of Soho addresses ‘sanitisation’ within London and other major global cities.

Soho is world renowned for its exciting and varied nightlife. Venues such as Madame Jojo’s nurtured this image and the budding performers of tomorrow in its unique, offbeat and extravagant fashion. Despite half a century of enthralling entertainment encompassing Paul Raymond's legacy, Madame Jojo’s licence was revoked and it was subsequently closed in 2014 in what was seen as a draconian move by Westminster Council.

Amidst London’s major redevelopments exists impending threats of closure to a multitude of iconic entertainment and social spaces. The resounding impact on performance art and culture is at the heart of Battle of Soho's message.

Following campaigns, corporate interest, business owners and performers, Battle of Soho documents the poignant current and historic events that are contributing to this ‘cultural catastrophe’. It provides a voice to both the developers and those affected by assessing the extent of the impact this will have on the future of London's entertainment and sub-cultures. The power of collectivism reigns true throughout, demonstrating that although it may be too late to save New York, it is not too late to save London.