Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

Year: 2016

Genre: Comedy, Family

Duration: 82 mins

Starring: Bonnie Wright, Loretta Walsh, Hattie Gotobed, JJ Brown, James Grogan, Jonah Alexander

Directors: Tim Clague, Danny Stack

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Feel-good family entertainment! An exciting and fun-packed adventure for everyone age 6 to 106! On their summer camp holiday, four misfit kids suspect that the parkÌ_s mascot has been murdered but no-one believes them so they set out to investigate Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? These four kids BILLIE, THE COLONEL, WOODY and SHIV immediately suspect the campÌ_s new manager DIANE (played by Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter) and they try to build their evidence. But the kids get quickly in over their heads and they realise theyÌ_re going to have to use all their childlike savvy if theyÌ_re going to solve this crime! A film full of comedy, action and intrigue that takes place on DorsetÌ_s stunning Jurassic coastline, and the gang learn the importance of true friendship along the way.