Year: 2015

Genre: Drama

Duration: 93 mins

Starring: Jenny Agutter, Dudley Sutton, Benjamin Luxon, Ben Dyson, Helen Bendell, Jason Squibb, Steve Jacobs, Dean Nolan

Director: Bill Scott

West Cornwall, 1895. A once-glorious tin mine, on which the whole town has depended for generations, is on its last legs. A weather-beaten opera company arrives to give a performance of BeethovenÌ_s ÌÂFideliǫ in the town hall, and finds itself tangled up in a scam to offload worthless shares in the mine. Made in Cornwall and based on a true Cornish story, this highly anticipated feature film combines a rich sense of the theatrical with the latest digital techniques, creating a stylish period drama laced with humour and gorgeous music. The fate of the whole community rests on the courage of one feisty young maid. When the mine unexpectedly yields up new treasures, melodrama starts to spill over into everyday life, reputations crumble and any notion of fair play is abandoned.