The Redeeming

Year: 2018

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Duration: 85 mins

Starring: Tracey Ann Wood, Ryan Wichert, Robert Blackwood

Director: Brian Barnes

"Bad memories always haunt you."

Joyce has a hidden past that she has blocked from her mind. Now, fragments of these buried memories are beginning to surface. Worried about her state of mind, she takes shelter from a raging storm in an isolated cottage. When mysterious stranger John breaks into her life, Joyce must protect herself and her home. But, her struggle with her inner demons could push Joyce over the edge and doom them both. After a fight and chase through the house, a shocking twist reveals just how fragile Joyce’s reality has become.

Filmed partly by candlelight during the worst storms the UK had experienced in two decades, cast and crew channelled this isolation and disturbed atmosphere to create the intense claustrophobia of the film.