The Prince Of Nothingwood

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 86 mins

Starring: Qurban Ali, Sonia Kronlund, Salim Shaheen

Director: Sonia Kronlund

Sonia Kronlund's touching and often hilarious debut, this crowd-pleasing documentary screened to acclaim in at Cannes 2017. Its subject is Salim Shaheen, the Ed Wood of Afghanistan, seen during a week of filming for his latest production. A force of nature, Shaheen has managed to make and self-distribute no fewer than 110 films despite the country's ongoing war and past conflicts.

Bolstered by a cast of warmly flamboyant characters and Kronlund's thoughtful voiceover - a radio journalist, she has been visiting and reporting from Afghanistan for over 15 years - it's an intriguing and infectious story and a love letter to filmmaking, centred by its exuberant and extraordinary protagonist.