The Lighthouse

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama

Duration: 102 mins

Starring: Michael Jibson, Mark Lewis Jones

Director: Chris Crow

Based on one of the most infamous cases in Welsh maritime history, The Lighthouse follows Thomas Howell and Thomas GriffithÌ_s disastrous posting to Smalls Island Lighthouse in 1801.

Surrounded only by the Irish Sea, theyÌ_re left to ÌÇkeep the lightÌ_ 25 miles from the land. But when a freak storm hits, the men are stranded for months before any relief can be sent to them. They gradually succumb to their tiny living quarters, spending their time drinking and arguing, pushing each otherÌ_s psyche to the limit.

Directed by Chris Crow, this stark psychological thriller is a tale of death, madness and isolation, following a desolate trip into the heart of human darkness.