Stage Russia HD: The Suicide

Year: 2017

Genre: Live Theatre

Duration: 180 mins

Starring: Vyacheslav Evlantiev, Evgenia Gromova, Anastasia Imamova, Alexey Vertkov

Director: Sergei Zhenovach

Sergey Zhenovach's adaptation of Nikolai Erdman's‰ÛÊcomedy centres around a young, unemployed man desperate enough to contemplate ending it all. As soon as he declares his will to die he finds himself surrounded by a variety of characters begging him to kill himself as a gesture for their cause. Flattered by this‰ÛÊnoteriety‰ÛÊ but panicked at the prospect of actually having to go through with it, he must find a way out that somehow leaves his dignity intact. The play, originally written in 1928, was banned by StalinÌ_s censors for over 60 years and is considered by many to be one of the finest satires ever written during the Soviet era, forming a link in Russian literary history between the satirical mastery of Nikolai Gogol and the post-World War II Theatre of the Absurd. Filmed before a live audience from MoscowÌ_s Theatre Art Studio. Russian with English subtitles.