Stage Russia HD: The Suicide

Year: 2017

Genre: Live Theatre

Duration: 180 mins

Starring: Vyacheslav Evlantiev, Evgenia Gromova, Anastasia Imamova, Alexey Vertkov

Director: Sergei Zhenovach

Sergey Zhenovach's adaptation of Nikolai Erdman's†comedy centres around a young, unemployed man desperate enough to contemplate ending it all. As soon as he declares his will to die he finds himself surrounded by a variety of characters begging him to kill himself as a gesture for their cause. Flattered by this†noteriety† but panicked at the prospect of actually having to go through with it, he must find a way out that somehow leaves his dignity intact. The play, originally written in 1928, was banned by Stalinís censors for over 60 years and is considered by many to be one of the finest satires ever written during the Soviet era, forming a link in Russian literary history between the satirical mastery of Nikolai Gogol and the post-World War II Theatre of the Absurd. Filmed before a live audience from Moscowís Theatre Art Studio. Russian with English subtitles.