Psycho Vertical

Year: 2018

Genre: Biopic, Documentary, Sport

Duration: 75 mins

Starring: Andy Kirkpatrick

Director: Jen Randall

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Psycho Vertical explores the intricate mind of Andy Kirkpatrick, a world-class climber and alpinist who lives a life of conflicting desires, identities and responsibilities, inspired by his best-selling autobiography of the same name.

Firmly grounded by his impoverished upbringing in 1970s Hull, Andy is filled with grand ideas of discovering who he is and what exactly heís made of. Spurred on by his fatherís absence and translated into ascents of some of the worldís most dangerous alpine routes, heís compelled to share his chaotic personal life and make audiences crumple with laughter on stage, and tests himself alone on some of the worldís longest and most difficult climbs.

Exploring his past, his present and his motivation for pushing himself to the extreme, we follow Andy on an 18-day ascent of El Capitan, where life on the mountain wall is precarious, tough and lonely.