Year: 2015

Genre: Drama, Horror

Duration: 97 mins

Starring: Fiona O'Shaughnessy, ‰ÛÊAbigail Hardingham, ‰ÛÊCian Barry, David Troughton, ‰ÛÊElizabeth Elvin, ‰ÛÊSean Verey, ‰ÛÊJavan Hirst, ‰ÛÊKatharine Bennett-Fox, ‰ÛÊTamar Karabetyan

Directors: Chris Blaine, Ben Blaine

Holly (BIFA award-winner Abigail Hardingham) appears to have found true love when she falls for her colleague Rob (Cian Barry). He is nursing a broken heart after losing his girlfriend‰ÛÊNina‰ÛÊ(Fiona OÌ_Shaughnessy) in a fatal road accident and she desperately wants to relieve his anguish. However, the coupleÌ_s happy union is soon compromised when the restless‰ÛÊNina‰ÛÊreturns from the afterlife and begins taunting them each time they attempt intimacy.