Merchants Of Doubt

Year: 2014

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 96 mins

Starring: Naomi Oreskes, Bob Inglis, James Hansen, Stan Glantz, Marc Morano, Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe, Jamy Ian Swiss, John Passacantando

Director: Robert Kenner

This documentary examines the deception and trickery deployed by quasi-scientists and so-called experts to cloud public understanding of issues such as climate change and cigarette smoking. Director Robert Kenner profiles and interviews many of these professional sceptics, who are paid by corporations to spread doubt about accepted scientific knowledge and advance a political and economic agenda that will delay government action. A beguilingly entertaining critique of how big business is pulling the wool over our eyes. Merchants Of Doubt is part of our Discover season with Times+ and Picturehouse Cinemas. #Discover