Janis: Little Girl Blue

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 104 mins

Starring: Janis Joplin, Cat Power (voice), Peter Albin, Sam Andrew, Karleen Bennett, Dick Cavett, John Cooke, David Dalton, Cornelius 'Snooky' Flowers

Director: Amy Berg

In the wake of 2015Ì_s hit Amy Winehouse film Amy, Oscar-nominated documentarian Amy Berg (West Of Memphis) delivers an equally heart-rending account of the original bad-girl rock singer, Janis Joplin ̱ who, like Winehouse, died aged 27. Berg has resuscitated rare footage of JoplinÌ_s early days as a feisty child, her self-discovery as a folk/blues singer and her increasingly pressurised stardom. Poignant interviews and stunning performances, including her rendition of Ball And Chain at 1967Ì_s Monterey Pop Festival, affirm her legendary status. Janis: Little Girl Blue is part of our Discover campaign with Times+ and Picturehouse Cinemas.