Year: 2020

Genre: Drama

Duration: 117 mins

Starring: Marc Zammit, Jason Flemyng, Lew Temple, Hector Bateman-Harden, Angela Dixon, Andrew Lee Potts, Maria Howell

Director: Marc Zammit

Experience HOMELESS ASHES in the cinema.Marc Zammit's gritty award-winning debut film is based upon stories from real homeless people and tells the tale of Frankie, a bright young boy who runs away from an abusive father. He falls-in with petty criminals and junkies as well as good souls and honest friends including Gavin (Jason Flemyng) who runs the fairground burger van and larger-than-life Chico (Lew Temple). But living on the streets is tough and takes it toll on all of them. This is an ultimately uplifting story that will stay with you and may just make you feel differently about the homeless.