From Up On Poppy Hill

Year: 2011

Genre: Animation, Family

Duration: 91 mins


Director: Goro Miyazaki

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As Japan readies itself for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, fatherless 16-year-old high school student Umi helps run 'Coquelicot Manor', a boarding house overlooking the Japanese port of Yokohama, while her mother Ryoko is away studying medicine in America.

After meeting up with local orphan Shun, Umi enlists to help save the 'Quartier Latin', an old and dilapidated building housing her high school's clubs, which is being threatened with demolition in the country's drive for post-war modernisation.

As feelings begin to develop between the pair, they soon find their budding romance under threat when they discover they share a previously unknown past.

This film is available in Japanese with English subtitles or English dubbed. If you set up a screening, let us know which you prefer.