Death of a Gentleman

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary, Sport, Thriller

Duration: 99 mins

Starring: Giles Clarke, N Srinivasan, Lalit Modi

Directors: Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber, Johnny Blank

A hard-hitting documentary for cricket fans and non-fans alike. Journalists Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber set off on a journey to follow a hunch that the 140-year-old game of Test Cricket is under threat of extinction, only to stumble on something more sinister than they could ever have imagined. During their thrilling three-year journey they criss-cross the globe from London to Australia, from India to Dubai and back again, during which they meet players, the gameÌ_s administrators, fans and controversial cricket financiers, resulting in a film that is about much more than cricket. This is a film about passion, about money, about power and standing up for what you care about before it is too late.