Dare To Be Wild

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama, Romance

Duration: 100 mins

Starring: Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Christine Marzano, Janie Dee, Alex Macqueen, Lorna Quinn, Alaa Safi

Director: Vivienne De Courcy

Dare To Be Wild follows Mary Reynolds’ journey from naive, impressionable country girl to passionate, pioneering trend-setter landscape designer. Along the way, she falls hopelessly in love with charismatic British botantist Christy Collard who has the unique ability to realize her wild ideas. She needs his eclectic team of unconventional botantists and artisans – the Green Angels - to build her untested, wild design at the Chelsea Flower Show in only three weeks. Christy is immune to her charms, as he is consumed by his mission to prove he can make the Ethiopean desert bloom again.

In a desparate attempt to get Christy’s support , Mary travels to the Ethiopian Highlands where Christy is building a forest park. There, she must earn his respect, which is no small task. Her skill and commitment to his cause gradually win him over.

As the Green Angels begin their work in the intensively competitive, but establishment atmosphere of Chelsea, Mary sturggles to overcome natural and man-made obsticles and is regularly threatened with disqualification. Other competitors are amused by her methods and sneer at the ‘hippies’. In the end, Mary’s and Christy’s unconventional approach triumph and the horticultural establishment is forced to reassess their view when her incomparable wild garden takes the Gold Medal against all odds.