Child of Mine

Year: 2018

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 71 mins

Starring: Amanda Holden (Narrator)

Director: Katie Rice

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Filmed over 2 years at UCLH and Addenbrookes Hospital, Child of Mine sensitively follows three couples through their personal journeys of losing a child before birth. The UK has one of the highest rates of stillbirth in the developed world, yet these hidden bereavements are rarely talked about, often leaving parents isolated and alone.Child of Mine brings this tragic topic into the heart of public discourse by shining a light on the hidden crisis of stillbirth in the UK.

In this feature-length documentary, we follow Vicky & Bruce, Kezia & Chris and Fiona & Niall as they prepare for what should be the happiest day of their lives, only to find their dreams shattered and their hopes crushed. The film shows the devastating personal impact a stillbirth can while also highlighting examples of best practice from the hospital teams whose bereavement support is essential in enabling couples to recover and see a future. In two cases there is redemption with a subsequent healthy baby. For one couple there is hope that things will better next time.

Narrated by Amanda Holden, who experienced a stillbirth herself in 2011, the film has been made by multi-BAFTA winning documentary maker, True Vision, exec produced by Brian Woods, and filmed and directed by Katie Rice.

Screenings of the film are supported by the Baby Loss Alliance, an alliance of over 70 charities associated with stillbirth and miscarriage.