Facebook Presents Beyond the Screen

Year: 2018

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 45 mins

Starring: Various

Director: Various

Experience Beyond the Screen in the cinema.

Facebook is celebrating some of the most inspirational young people and communities in the UK through a series of short films. The ‘Beyond the Screen’ series consists of six shorts which shine a light on the powerful and personal stories behind some truly inspirational groups of people.

Help Refugees: A Voice of Hope

Help Refugees is at the forefront of the European refugee crisis. As the biggest facilitator of grassroot humanitarian aid on the continent, the collective works hard to create a more dynamic form of aid in Calais and Greece, where even seasoned aid workers admit traditional methods have failed.

This film follows the group’s founder Josie, and Haya, a young girl from Syria as they explore the impact and importance of the humanitarian efforts in response to the refugee crisis.

Bloody Good Period: A Human Right

Bloody Good Period is a group of young women based in London and Leeds dedicated to ending period poverty. The group, comprised of over 2,500 members, works hard to ensure the supply of menstrual products to those who cannot afford to buy them.

This film follows founder, Gabby Edlin and her team as they shine the light on the many struggles female asylum seekers face during their period and the action they are taking to try and end this period poverty.

Pro Wrestling Subjective: Mayhem in the Midlands

Steve Valentino has built his independent wresting company into an impressive troupe of wrestlers with a passion for community and competition. One such wrestler is Athena Furie, who uses the wrestling world as an outlet to tackle pre-conceptions about Asian woman in sport.

This film follows Steve Valentino and Athena Furie as they challenge these stereotypes and prepare to take the wrestling world by storm at ‘Ruckus in Rowley’.

Deaf Rave: Feel the Beat

Troi Lee founded Deaf Rave in 2003, a series of music events and workshops in London designed specifically for deaf music fans. The event seeks to overcome the many challenges young deaf people face when listening to live music including the absence of signers, interpreters and induction loops.

The film follows Troi as he gears up to host a Deaf Rave and help young deaf people defy the mainstream and create their own music scene.

D + G Eco-Warriors: What We Find at The Beach

This short film looks at the Dumfries & Galloways Eco Warriors, a small but vibrant group of volunteers in southern Scotland, who since early 2018 have been committed to keeping their local beaches tidy.

The film follows the three friends: charity worker Laura, zoology student Lottie and local support worker Fiona as they discover a deeper sense of community and the satisfaction that comes from connecting with like-minded people in the fight against plastic.

Ballet Black: En Pointe

Ballet Black is a professional ballet company for international dancers of black and Asian descent. The aim of the group is to promote and celebrate diversity in ballet.

The film follows Cassa Pancho, founder of Ballet Black as she seeks to raise the profile of minority dancers in the world of ballet and provide role models to young, aspiring black and Asian dancers.