Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 86 mins

Starring: Alan Ereira, Mama Shibulata, Mama Manuel, Francisca Zarabata Pinto

Director: Alan Ereira

The Kogi civilization still survives hidden on Colombia's highest mountain. They believe they are guardians of the world. Their leaders are trained from infancy in darkness to connect with 'aluna', cosmic consciousness. They perceive 'black lines' that connect special sites essential to life. In 1990, convinced that we were destroying the earth, they sent a warning through a British film-maker and then withdrew. They have realised that we have ignored the warning and the world is in danger. So they recalled the film-maker and instructed him to film their demonstration of these connections, using 400km of gold thread. People who have no wheel or writing travel to England for the thread, and discuss dark energy with a leading astronomer. But as their journey goes on they realize that the film-maker has no idea what they are trying to demonstrate and their own arguments are treated as fantasy. So they change tack, taking us up into their mountain to show exactly what they mean, and then coming down to join forces with leading scientists who recognize that they are communicating important cutting-edge knowledge. Their journey leads to a vision of apocalyptic horror, but ends with an extraordinary joyful optimism.