5 Greedy Bankers

Year: 2016

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Duration: 91 mins

Starring: Pippa Haywood, Ramon Tikaram, Hermione Halpin, Tim J Henley, John Bowe, Richard Dixon, Pip Torrens, Carla Mendonça

Director: Simon DaVison

The banking crash hit hard. Catherine Stone (Pippa Haywood - Green Wing, The Brittas Empire) is an alcoholic mess...

Enter the enigmatic master of chaos: Fidel (Ramon Tikaram - Eastenders, Game of Thrones). Fidel is a banking victim out for revenge and he wants Catherine to help him. Working on a shoestring does not stop Fidel; he is determined to take down the five greedy bankers who ruined Catherine's bank and brought the country to its knees. But as Catherine gets a taste for revenge she begins to want more and pushes Fidel into one final, nail biting heist...

Game on: It's all, or nothing.