Film/venue requests

Film requests

We love to hear which films you want to see on the big screen and in a packed cinema! 

Please check out our catalogue here just in case we already have the film you want to screen, or an alternative title.

We are more likely to add film titles where there is demand for screenings, so do let us know your plans for a screening and the promotion of it, and get your friends to request too.

We love cult films, as well as music, sport and social impact titles - so if your request fits into one of those categories, even better!

Request a film here.

Venue requests

Do let us know if you would like us to partner with a cinema near you. We are more likely to add a venue if there are lots of requests for a particular cinema, so tell your friends to contact us too!

You can find a list of our current cinema partners here, do make sure you search by location in case there is an alternative venue in your area.

Request a venue here.