Year: 1963

Genre: Drama

Duration: 138 mins

Starring: Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anouk AimÌöe, Sandra Milo, Rossella Falk, Barbara Steele, Madeleine Lebeau, Caterina Boratto

Director: Federico Fellini

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Taking its title from the number of films Fellini had completed up to this point (including some short segments for anthology films), 8ë© features Guido being besieged by sycophants and collaborators as he struggles to get started on an unwieldy science-fiction epic. Frequently digressing into surreal and erotic dream sequences, FelliniÌ_s self-reflexive movie about movie-making climaxes with an exuberant parade in which Guido directs the colourful cast of characters who have played supporting roles in his life.
A favourite film among film directors, FelliniÌ_s film was the model for several subsequent films about filmmaking, notably Woody AllenÌ_s Stardust Memories (1980).