Pistons, Passions, Pleasures, A Sicilian Dream

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary, Sport

Duration: 71 mins

Starring: Francesco da Mosto, Alain de Cadenet, Nino Vaccarella, Doug Nye, Silvano Paladino

Director: Philip Walsh

The Targa Florio was a Sicilian mountain road race that, in 1906, gave birth to an era of motorsport that is still going today. Dreamt up by the younger son of a Sicilian dynasty, Vincenzo Florio, the Targa Florio ran until 1977 and was simultaneously considered as both totally insane and an absolute ‘must do’ by drivers and manufacturers alike.

A Sicilian Dream is a theatrical documentary that journeys into the very heart of this story, exploring its many intrigues and revelations. Our journey is led by one of Italy’s most preeminent dreamers: Francesco da Mosto, star of several BBC series, the well-known Venetian architect, historian and incurable romantic and Alain de Cadenet, a Renaissance Man and a racing driver who nearly died in the race.

It is a beautiful film that brings together three storylines on our journey of discovery: Vincenzo Florio the man, the Targa Florio race and the island of Sicily itself. It takes us right into the drama of the Belle Époque, amidst the mountains and villages of a striking Sicilian landscape. We experience the thrills of an era-defining race that is simply too dangerous to run today, and we are transported deep into the hearts of those who remember.