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I want a film that’s not in your catalogue – can you get it for me?

In short, there's a good chance we can do. We keep a log of all the requests we receive and add films on a regular basis – let us know what you’d like through our Film Request page.

If a lot of people request Raging Bull we’ll know that it’s one we ought to get, so tell your friends to email us too. If it's only you repeatedly demanding the 7 hour cut of Sátántangó we’ll know that you’ve got great taste, but for a public screening to go ahead a good number of people need to book tickets, so if you can somehow demonstrate that there’s a lot of interest in the title you want, that’d be brilliant. If you can link us to a ‘David Lynch Fans in Exeter’ Facebook page, for example, we’ll be more desperate to get Blue Velvet for you to create a screening of it at Exeter Picturehouse.

My local cinema isn’t available on ourscreen – is it because you hate them?

No, it’s not. We love pretty much every cinema and we'd love to have all of them come aboard the ourscreen ship. Let us know which cinema you’d like to create a screening at and we’ll do our best to get them on the website. 

We try to get in touch with every cinema that users request but we’re likely to do it more urgently if there are lots of requests for your particular cinema, so tell your friends to send a request too!

The screening I booked a ticket to got cancelled. Where are you hiding my money?

We are not, repeat not, graduates of the Thorin Oakenshield school of finance - we do not charge you any fee for tickets to a screening that doesn't sell enough tickets to actually go ahead. 

Where are my tickets? Did my neighbour steal them?

No, they didn’t. We’re big fans of trees and prefer not to destroy them – just look at what happened as a result of logging in Final Destination 2 - so, we email you etickets instead. You should receive them 2 days prior to your screening, and you can either show them on your phone at the cinema or, if you must, you can print them off.

If you can't find your tickets check your junk/spam/social/promotional folders for them as they sometimes end up in there. If you still can't find them, get in touch with us through our 'contact us' page.

I've never hosted a screening before & I don't know how to promote it - can you help me?

If you'll excuse our use of the Obama cliché, YES WE CAN. We've got lots of advice to offer you over on our 'Promoting Your Screening' page, and we're always happy to retweet any tweets you might write about your screenings - so remember to use our handle @ourscreenuk

How much time should I give myself to promote my screening?

Rome wasn't built in a day, was it? We generally recommend you give yourself at least three weeks to push your screening on unwilling friends and family members, and that before creating it you listen to this handy Alec Baldwin monologue, for advice on how to agressively market your film night.

I want trained chimpanzees serving cocktails at my screening. Am I allowed to customise my screening in ways like that?

There are lots of ways for you to customise your screening - you can make a personal introduction, play your own music as people enter, serve food, make it a fancy dress affair... Within the boundaries of law and decency almost anything is possible, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any requests or questions through our 'contact us' page'.

Can I cancel tickets to a screening that is unconfirmed?

No. We are unable to accept cancellations because of our threshold ticket system, which sees people often booking tickets based on the number of people who have already done so. It would be unfair to later bookers to allow earlier ones to cancel; everyone plays an important role in confirming screenings! Only support screenings with a booking if you're definitely able to use the ticket.

Watching films isn't enough for me, I make my own. Can I create a screening of one of my own masterpieces?

Provided it's as good or better than The Room, yes, you can. We're huge fans of independent film and love supporting the community. However, your film usually needs to be BBFC certified, and you usually need to have a DCP copy of it. Ideally, you'll also have plans to dedicatedly market and promote screenings of it. Please get in touch at films@ourscreen.com to discuss uploading your film to our website.

It appears you sick freaks have allowed multiple screenings to compete for the same time slot at a cinema. Is this because you're masochists? 

Much as we adore Old Boy and Kill Bill Vol. 1, we don't generally enjoy watching people fight, least of all our beloved users over a cinema slot. But, to give you the best chance of actually getting a screening on in a slot that a cinema's so kindly given us, we need to give multiple people the opportunity to sell seats to that cinema slot.

I'm a CEA cardholder. How do I arrange an extra ticket for my carer?

Just get in touch with us and we'll send you a code that you can use to claim an extra ticket for your carer.

I run a venue, can I join the ourscreen family?

In almost all cases, the answer will be a resounding yes. It's extremely easy for you to get your cinema or venue up on the website, so please get in touch at venues@ourscreen.com to discuss the process.

I represent - is there any way we could work together?

We love working with partners, especially if that means more people visiting their local cinema. Please get in touch with us at brands@ourscreen.com to discuss the exciting stuff your brand could do with ourscreen.

If you've got any questions that aren't answered above, please get in touch with us through our 'contact us' page.