Welcome to a new ourscreen.

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For six years, ourscreen has been home to the UK's foremost crowdsourced cinema platform, changing the way you watch films in the cinema.

We've hosted thousands of film screenings in cinemas all across the UK, programmed and made happen by YOU.

We love the cinema. We believe in the power of cinema and that the social experience of watching films together on the big screen in a packed-out cinema is how films deserve to be seen.

But right now, it's difficult for us to know when we might get to walk down the aisles again, and tread those dark, other-worldly carpets, deliciously sticky with their coating of sugary spills.

We didn't want to lose the shared experience of sitting down to watch a film together, with complete strangers, all absorbed by what's on the screen. So we’ve turned our hand to something different, our very own Virtual Cinema. A new ourscreen, and a brand new way of watching films together at home.

"Try this one on for size, you big hippie!" Goblin, Labyrinth (1986)
Virtual Cinema launched in September 2020 with a special screening of High Rise plus a Q&A with director Ben Wheatley and Edith Bowman. 
We have since hosted event screenings for Mogul Mowgli, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Host, Attack the Block and Eddie the Eagle with partners including M&M's, BFI, STUDIOCANAL, Curzon, Vertigo and Minute Shorts.
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